Pentagon Breaks ‘Bombastic’ Military Record: “This Is A New War”

America has learned that we are either in a war to win it, or we should get out. There is no substitute for victory. Playing at war simply wastes money and  precious lives.

War is the most serious business in which a nation can engage. Clearly, we’ve drifted from the Founders’ views of taking precautions before engaging in warfare. As a result, we jump into them too easily. And they are seemingly interminable.

President Trump has inherited a number of ongoing wars. People prefer the word “conflict” to “war.” But that does not hide the fact that our armed forces are in combat in numerous hot spots.

What is encouraging are signs that the president intends to vigorously prosecute these wars to successful conclusions. And to do so, he allows the military to do what it does best: shatter records our country has never before seen!


Independent Journal Review:

“A U.S. Air Force B-52 dropped a record 24 guided munitions on Taliban forces in Afghanistan over the course of a 24-hour period, according to a U.S. Forces-Afghanistan statement.

“This record-setting operation was part of a larger operation to take out key sources of revenue and training facilities for the terrorist group.”

That’s one approach. Shut off your enemy’s source of money. In effect, bankrupt them so they no longer have the tools with which to fight.

If breaking records in dropping bombs advances that cause, so be it.

“‘The new strategy highlights that this is a new war,’ [Air Force Brig. Gen. Lance] Bunch said at a press conference. ‘And that the gloves are off, if you will, and that we’ve got now these authorities we need to be able to go and target the Taliban network.’

“‘And so that is our new strategy going forward and it’s definitely been a game-changer and the Taliban is definitely feeling it,’ he concluded.”

President Trump’s predecessors started these wars. Or at least they got the U.S. involved in ongoing wars. But they seemed to lack a defined point of victory when an end would be made.

Instead, one must assume that Mr. Obama had no idea what he was doing. Or, on the other hand, maybe he thought he could talk his way out of the wars with the same deceit he used to talk himself into the White House.

Fortunately, Mr. Obama and his misguided policies are no longer in effect. He has been replaced by a man who respects our military.

And who plans to win wars rather than prolong them. And shatter records along the way.


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