Mainstream Media Caves, Tells Democrats To Give Trump Exactly What He Wants

The mainstream media has lost all credibility. For years they’ve lied, cheated, and disrespected Americans. They’ve dismissed our concerns and tried to steal elections. Pretending to be impartial reporters of facts, they’ve skewed stories to get their own way.

After all this time, they haven’t learned a bit. Even as their readerships dwindle, they continue to lie to America.

Even on major issues, they refuse to cover the facts. This is especially true in regards to illegal immigration and the wall.

They don’t tell you how bad it is at the Mexican border. How many dangerous criminals flood our country. How much we need serious security in this region.

Now it seems like they are caving, admitting the wall will be built. But they still refuse to admit we need it.

From Washington Examiner:


As talks over immigration between the White House and Congress ramped up this month, Democrats have signaled an openness to provide funding for a wall, and the idea has caught on among commentators and newspapers…

The Post’s editorial board just two weeks ago called the wall “a dumb idea” but still said Democrats should give in and trade wall funding for legislation that offers legal protections to the Dreamers, young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

In New York magazine, liberal writer Eric Levitz on Jan. 11 made what he called, “The Progressive Case for Giving Trump His Stupid Wall.”

“If the [Democratic] party helps Trump deliver on his symbolic priorities, they can probably secure far more consequential reforms on substantive issues,” he said.

“In other words: They can probably win mercy for many of the most vulnerable people in the United States, if they just give Trump his stupid wall. … The best way out of this pickle is to give Trump his big, dumb wall. Yes, the wall is idiotic and a big waste of money — but it isn’t that big of a waste of money.”

Wow, such quality journalism. Such impartial, professional coverage of a vital issue.

The fact that liberals are so quick to act like this shows how little they care about Americans. This is a so-called “professional” journalist, writing like a child who was sent to the corner. They bicker and pout when things don’t go their way. And they expect us to take them seriously?

And since when have democrats actually helped the “most vulnerable people” in the U.S.? Democratically controlled states and cities are the worst in America. Minorities and the less fortunate have to deal with rampant crime, poor education, and zero jobs.

You know who’s actually helping the most vulnerable? President Trump, whose policies and tax cuts have brought a myriad of jobs to the country. Workers of all stripes are earning more—and keeping more—thanks to his priorities.

We didn’t see that when a democrat was in the White House.

These liberal writers only concede the wall, in the hopes of salvaging the left’s influence in D.C. Maybe if the left was willing to work with Trump a year ago, things would be better.

But they wasted a year burning bridges and destroying their own party. Only now, as they look to lose, again and again, do a few of them admit they should cooperate with Trump.

Too little, too late.

News flash libs: the wall is getting built. You can continue to lie and bash the President, refusing to acknowledge America’s needs. Concede on this issue all you want. But your dishonesty and bias have sealed your fate.


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